Install $\TeX$ Distribution, $MiK\TeX$, on Windows

1. Check your operating system by running Directx Diagnostic, shortcut: start+r, type: dxdiag
2. Go to $MiK\TeX$ webpage
3. Choose: $MiK\TeX$ Net Installer if your operating system is 32-bit, or $MiK\TeX$ 64-bit Net Installer if your operating system is 64-bit
4. Run the downloaded $MiK\TeX$ Net Installer by double-clicking on it
5. When it start download, choose a complete $Mik\TeX$ and save it in a convenient folder
6. Find: setup-.exe and then start the installion
7. Remember that you should choose a complete $MiK\TeX$ whenever there is a decision making
8. After finishing the installation, we are ready to use. Just search for $\TeX Works$ on your system and run it.
9. If you are not satisfied with the build-in $\TeX$ Editor, $\TeX Works$, you can also install other IDE like $\TeX Studio$

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$ \TeX $ or $ \LaTeX $ commands are supported. For example, a command \(\$\) \TeX \(\$\) produces $ \TeX $.