$ \LaTeX $

$ \LaTeX $ is a greatest macro of $ \TeX $. It is now a typesetting language. It allows us to produce a neath document for printing. A great guide to understand and use $ \LaTeX $ is written on $ \LaTeX $ Users Group. This is another guide to understand all of $ \LaTeX $ control sequences.

In order to compile a source code into a portable document format (pdf), it is required to install a $\TeX$ compiler ($\TeX$ distribution). If you are using Windows operating system, you can install a complete version of $MiK\TeX$, or $Pro\TeX t$. If your operating system is UNIX, you are recommended to install $\TeX live$. But if you are using MacOSX, you must install $Mac\TeX$.

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$ \TeX $ or $ \LaTeX $ commands are supported. For example, a command \(\$\) \TeX \(\$\) produces $ \TeX $.