Beamer is a $ \LaTeX $ document class for creating slides for presentations. Its user guide can be download from the Comprehensive $ \TeX $ Archive Network webpage.

To typeset an interactive slides for your presentations, you can use build-in beamer themes, or other third-party beamer themes from GitHub. You may want to try Blackboard and DarkConsole themes.

A better way to start is practicing. The basic structure of Beamer document is of this form:

To put the information to your beamer, write it in the (preamble) part between \documentclass{beamer} and \begin{document}. To display those information, use a control sequence \titlepage.

To decorate your slide, use available themes that come with your $\TeX$ distribution. In this example, theme Madrid was used.

You can also use serif font in Beamer. This example uses serif font with font size 12 points.

If your presentation is pretty long, you may need to partition it into sections. To display the table of contents on a slide, use a control sequence \tableofcontents.

Now it is time to typeset presentation slides in Khmer. Not far from previous example, we just add polyglossia package and some additional customs. Be caution that xelatex.exe engine must be used to compile this script.

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